SLF’s Operating Principles

Core Values

Our Values:  Southern Life Forever™ embodies the southern way of life by encouraging southern values in relations to our family & active outdoor lifestyle. We value our active military, our veterans, our police (Back The Blue) and our First Responders.  We value our customers who quickly become part of the SLF Family.  Southern Life Forever™...a way of Life...a Tradition...Live It


Building innovative solutions for hunters & fishermen & the outdoors enthusiast.

Promote, protect & conserve the wild & our timeless southern values & traditions.


Giving back to the community is important to us. Running promotions to raise money for 22kill, offering our time to aid in fund raising outdoors activities.  As our business grows, we will partner with veteran organizations. 


Our History: Southern Life Forever’s concept was started on Sunday, July 12, 2015 while taking stock of my life: love, loss life's next chapter. I wanted something more fulfilling, more flexible time to spend with my LABs, an honorable way to give back to our veterans and the ability to bring real solutions to the great outdoors for outdoorsmen, promote, protect, and conserve the wild outdoors and our southern values & traditions. Founder & Owner: Laura J. Sparks

Benchmark’s for 2017

  • Received Trademark from USPTO 
  • Pending patents 
  • Added You Tube Channel
  • A Night @ the Range. A Nemueax Production. (RIP David Hidinger) 
  • Off Season Prep vol I, Ducking Clouds.  A Nemueax Production.  (RIP David Hidinger)