Southern Life Forever

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Thanks for taking time to read our story to find out the rationale behind Southern Life Forever.

I was reflecting on my life and grieving the loss of one of my dogs. That particular dog came into my life when I needed some saving. As such, allot of reflection occurs in your life while grieving any loss. 

As it turns out, I felt guilty for being away from home so much due to the demands of the corporate grind, wanting something more and a deep desire to make my life’s mark on my own terms. So on that Sunday afternoon July 12, 2015, Southern Life Forever was brought to life as pen and paper sketched the company name and logo.

With a complex business idea and my heart on my sleeve, my new Lab puppy and I decided to embark on our journey and blaze our own trail. The company’s mantra is one where it embodies the southern way of life, full of rich traditions and encouraging southern values in our relationships with our family, friends and active lifestyle.

We are an outdoors company, creating outdoors solutions for the outdoors enthusiast. Our proprietary products are made in the USA, specifically The Great State of Texas, by me and a local Texas Artisan. Our product lines consist of cooler cutting board systems, southern apparel, jewelry and more. We are also authorized dealers for Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases and Outdoor Edge Cutlery knives.

Our mission is to promote, protect, and conserve the wild through hunting and fishing. We believe in feeding outdoor addictions with southern rich traditions as we continue to make the great outdoors even cooler. We value our military and our veterans; we STAND for our flag which represents our freedom and we kneel before God for our transgressions. We value our customers who quickly become part of the Southern Life Forever Family.

“Find your passion and it provides unwavering happiness and relentless drive and determination to pursue your success. God provides the unwavering strength to steady the course”.

Laura J. Sparks